This image shows a screenshot of Strategy Tutor, with the navigation bar at the top, a row of function buttons, and page content of a worklog shown in a table.

The worklog page is entitled, "Your Worklog" with a text description. Below that is a row of two pull-down menus and a Go button. The first pull-down menu is entitled, "Select Strategies" with the options "all strategies," "Summarize," "Predict," and "Question" showing. The second pull-down menu is entitled, "Select Date:" with the option "Today" showing. The Go button is on the right.

The bottom half of the page shows a table of worklog content with five columns. The columns are labeled "Date," "Lesson: Activity," "Goals," "Strategy: Response," and "Web site." There are three entries shown in the worklog in three rows. Each one shows the date the entry was made, an activity title, text of goals, text of answers to strategies, and URLs for web sites used.