This image shows a screenshot of Strategy Tutor, with the navigation bar at the top, a row of function buttons, and page content of an activity and a Save button on the left and a search engine results page on the right.

On the left, the activity has a title, "Swimming with Dolphins," a subtitle, "Goals," and the text "My goal is to find out whether 'swim with dolphins' tourist programs hurt or help dolphins." Below that is a pull-down menu with the text "Select Strategy" showing. Below the pull-down menu is a row of three buttons, each with an icon and a label: a gecko, "Keisha," a penguin, "Pablo," and a dog, "Rubric." Underneath that is a button labeled "Give me a starter…" and a text box to type in. There is a Save button on the lower right.

On the right is a search engine results page showing three links and their text descriptions.