12 Synthesize

Whenever I have a research project, I use the strategies to make sense of what I'm learning as I'm searching on the web. I analyze information from every site, but then I have to put all the pieces together for my report.

I use my worklog to store all my responses and to keep track of my URLS – it's like having a set of notecards for my research. The worklog lets me get back to any web site if I want to check or look for more information. I use the sort feature to organize my worklog responses-- I can look at a particular strategy, like all my web evaluations or all my summaries. Finally, I think critically about all the information I have collected, synthesize the information (making sure to site my sources) and add my own thoughts and ideas.

For my dolphin project, I drafted an introduction based on my visualization of the dolphin getting hurt and contrasted it with a scene of happy tourists swimming with dolphins. Then I described the pros and cons, using my summaries. I synthesized across my sources for my ending. It was great to have everything in my worklog so I could focus on my final product.

Worklog with strategy responses to dolphin websites