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Lesson: Evaluating Web Sites

Author: Model Lesson
Subject Area: Other
Grade Level: 6 - 8


You're doing a science report on new technology devices. You come upon an interesting website and need to decide if this will be useful information. Follow the lesson to learn how to evaluate a website.


You will understand how to use Web Evaluation as a strategy and be able to rate the quality of websites.


Check out the Background Builder section, 'Why bother evaluating web sites?' and open the 'Web Site Evaluation Form.' Then, go to the 'Aluminum Foil Detector Beanies' activity to evaluate an actual website.

Background Builder Background

Title: Why bother evaluating web sites? URL: http://www.multcolib.org/homework/webeval.html
Directions: Read this quick article on why we should all be critical consumers of information on the web.

Title: Web Site Evaluation Form URL: http://www.readwritethink.org/lesson_images/lesson328/evalform.pdf
Directions: Print this form and use it as a guide to evaluate the website.

Vocabulary Builder Vocabulary

Message: This site has many technical words. Use the Online Dictionary to look up words that confuse or interest you. Record at least three words and their definitions in the Strategy Tutor 'Journal.' We will be sharing our new-found vocabulary words at the end of class.
Vocabulary Words:

Activity: Aluminum Foil Detector Beanies



You will evaluate and decide if this website is useful for your science project.


Use the Website Evaluation Form to evaluate this site, answering the questions in the form. Then, using the WEB EVALUATION strategy, discuss why you would or would not use this site for your science project. Save your response to your Strategy Tutor worklog.

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