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Lesson: History of the Negro League Baseball

Author: Mildred S
Subject Area: Reading/Language Arts
Grade Level: 5 - 8


Students will research the history of the Negro League Baseball. Students will pull information from multiple sources to write a report discussing the hardships faced by African American baseball players.


Students learn about the topic through a step by step writing process. Students generate ideas from multiple sources, use organizational strategies and tools such a s technology, graphic organizers, notes and outlines. Students compare and contrast a firsthand account of African American ball players in the Negro Leagues to a second hand account of their treatment found in Kadir Nelson's "We Are the Ship: The Story of Negro League Baseball", attending to the focus of each account and information provided by each.


Find five articles that tell about the hardships of the Negro Baseball League. List the relevant facts from each one on note cards remembering to document the source. Write a paper after reading the articles and firsthand and secondhand account of experiences playing in the Negro Baseball League. Be sure to cite details from both texts to support key points. Activity: The report may be in the form of a poster, powerpoint presentation, graphic organizer.

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