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Lesson: Create a google alert using Cast Strategy Tutor

Author: cheryl o
Subject Area:
Grade Level: 6 - 12


You will create a google account, by registering with gmail. You will create a CAST account as a teacher for yourself, but as a student for me to follow these directions.


You will create two more subscriptions. Gmail, Cast. You will follow the directions using the CAST site to make your google alert.


1. Go to gmail and register. Then login. 2. Go to http://cst.cast.org/cst/auth-login and create a login, then login as a teacher. You will need to login as a teacher. I will give you your student login to be in my class and experience the CAST strategy. This process allows students to be more independent. It may be more for gr. 7 and 8, but would be a good process for group work with gr. 5 and 6.

Background Builder Background

Title: How to create subscriptions URL: http://www.gmail.com
Directions: This is where you create your gmail account. This account gets you into all the google educator accounts. http://www.google.com/educators/index.html

Title: How to create subscriptions for CAST, as a teacher URL: http://cst.cast.org/cst/teacher/PAGE,home
Directions: You will have to install the CAST for your browser. It will be in the documentation after you log in.

Vocabulary Builder Vocabulary

Message: subscription online tools web 2.0 read write web
Vocabulary Words:

Activity: How to create a google alert



Create a google alert. Let google work for you.


Think of a topic. Add it to google alert, follow the prompts. Choose how often you want to be alerted. You can manage your alerts once created. Once you finish an activity here, then I get the customized coaches!!! This part I love.

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