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Lesson: Journal Critique

Author: Pamela W
Subject Area: Science
Grade Level: 1 - 12


Students will read a Journal Article related to a current science topic. They will then "critique" the article and summarize their findings based on a series of questions.


Students will select an article from a variety of options Students will read the article Students will follow a series of guided prompts to break down the article and summarize. Students will attempt to complete the prompts in complete sentences


Guidelines: 1. Citation: Reviews should begin with a full Biographical Citation in APA format 2. Biographical Info: Is there any biographical information about the author given? What are the author’s qualifications and authority? 3. Problem: Define the general Problem Area. What does the author intend to prove, why? 4. Past Research: Does the author try to build on past research? 5. Neutral/ Emotional: What is the effect of the author’s language? Does the author maintain neutrality in his words or terms or are they emotionally charged? 6. References Importance: Are references given? (footnotes/ bibliography) Are the references recent, important? Are references used to support evidence? 7. Tables/ Graphs: Are illustrations, tables, or graphs used? Do they compliment the data, or are they unnecessary? 8. Major Findings: What are the author’s major findings and conclusions? Have they been supported by the author’s analysis, arguments, and findings? Has anything been overlooked? 9. Areas for Further Research: Does the Author suggest areas for further research or discussion? 10. New Vocabulary: What terms does the author use that you needed to look up, or define using context clues?

Background Builder Background

Title: How to cite in APA Format URL: http://www.citationmachine.net
Directions: Citation Machine will help you write a citation in APA format. 1. Open the cite 2. Click on APA on the left 3. Enter the information in the boxes about your article 4. Copy the citation exactly onto your assignment

Title: Sample Journal Critique URL:
Directions: Pamela S. Wetzel Biology Per 1-8 (9/16/08) Journal Critique #3 Rise of the Cyborgs 1. APA Citation: Baker, S. 2008. ?Rise of the Cyborg?s?. Discover Magazine p. 51-57 2. Biographical Information: Sherry Baker is a journalist who is interviewing Scientist and Physician Phillip Kennedy. Kennedy is the chief scientist of Neural Signals a company that develops neural prosthetics. Kennedy was originally from Limerick, Ireland. His fascination with the brain led hi to study neuroscience at Emory University in Atlanta Georgia. 3. Problem: Currently, science has been able to create devices that take neural signals from the brain and use tem to control computers, wheelchairs, or prosthetic limbs. Most devices are being used by severely disabled individuals who have some sort of spinal damage or impairment. Kennedy thinks that using this for the disabled is just the tip of the iceberg. Kennedy would like to see this technology used in healthy people as well. Kennedy believes that this technology could allow people to have unlimited memory, unlimited calculation ability, and even instant assess to wireless communication. 4. Past Research: In 1986 Kennedy learned that Canadian scientists were increasing neuron growth in rats by adding bits of sciatic nerve. Kenned was inspired to try to develop a way to spur the brain to meld with an artificial device. He implanted electrodes into the brains of rats and was able to send electric signals to have their whiskers move. Bit by bit he worked out ways to go from making a whistler move to other parts of the body. Kennedy patented this device in 1989 and began to test this device on Monkeys. In 1996 the FDA gave Kennedy permission to go ahead with the first human test.

Vocabulary Builder Vocabulary

Message: Highlight any words in the article that you have selected. You need to pick AT Least five words Look Up the words in the dictionary Define the words using the dictionary
Vocabulary Words:

Activity: Journal Critique



Complete Your Journal Critique


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