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Lesson: Making Good Predictions and Asking Important Questions

Author: Allegra Duda
Subject Area: Reading/Language Arts
Grade Level: 10 - 12


You have started to create clarifying, connecting, and visualization questions while reading The Road. Now you will gain practice creating prediction questions. You will also get some tips on how to generally ask better questions of each other.


Students will be able to ask prediction questions. Students will be able to ask better questions that will lead to more insight.


Students will watch a short film on youtube. Students will generate three questions using strategy coaches for guidance along the way.

Background Builder Background

Vocabulary Builder Vocabulary

Vocabulary Words:

Activity: Practicing Creating Good Questions



Students will watch a short film called "Black Button." They will create three good questions using the strategy coaches connected with the Prediction strategy and the Question strategy.


Watch "Black Button." Then, compose three good questions about the film. The questions can come out of any part of the film (like a prediction question can assume the viewer has not seen all of the film), but must use the advice of the Strategy Tutors for the Prediction and Questions strategies.

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