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Lesson: "Charlotte's Web" Comic Strip

Author: Rachel S
Subject Area: Reading/Language Arts
Grade Level: 3 - 5


After reading "Charlotte's Web," students will summarize the story, pick out the main points of the plot, visualize what is being told, and put it all into a comic strip.


Students will: 1. Analyze and Summarize the story of "Charlotte's Web" 2. Create or reconstruct a sequence of events from the story 3. Organize ideas on how to combine pictures, captions, and dialogue to tell about a specific event or express a message 4. Develop comic strips to depict story-related events


Demonstrate how to make a comic strip with the students Have students plan and organize what parts of the story will be put in the comic strip. Have students work individually to create their own comic strips. Make revisions and then print out the piece to later share with classmates.

Background Builder Background

Title: "Charlotte's Web" Comic Strip Builder URL: http://teacher.scholastic.com/activities/flashlightreaders/charlottesweb/comic/maker.htm
Directions: This website will allow the students to create a comic strip based on the book, "Charlotte's Web." It provides pictures of characters, objects, settings, and speech bubbles that students can fill in using their own text.

Title: Vocabulary Words and Chapter Summaries of "Charlotte's Web" URL: http://dept.hku.edu.tw/eng/downloads/.../charlotteswebvoclist.doc
Directions: There is a list of vocabulary words sorted by chapter and chapter summaries.

Vocabulary Builder Vocabulary

Vocabulary Words:
Runt- the smallest or weakest animal in a litter
Injustice- the act of being unfair
Scythe- a farming tool made of a curved blade on a handle
Captivity- being held or confined in a space or cage
Trough- a box to hold food or water for an animal
Salutations- a polite word for greeting somebody
Blundered- to act without thinking or make a mistake
Scruples- manners
Envy- jealousy
Gullible- easily tricked
Sensational- extremely good
Radiant- bright with joy
Monotonous- boring or dull
Paradise- a place of extreme happiness
Magnificent- making a good appearance or show
Humble- modest or feeling less than you actually are

Activity: Create a Comic Strip for Charlottes Web

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