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About CAST Strategy Tutor

Strategy Tutor is designed to improve students' reading comprehension and strategic learning on the web. With funding from Carnegie Corporation of New York (, CAST has developed the Student Strategy Tutor tool that allows students to conduct their own Internet searches with guidance from pedagogical agents or to complete web-based lessons created by teachers. Strategy Tutor addresses new literacy skills, such as web evaluation and media literacy, in addition to supporting the application of reading strategies such as predict, summarize, question, visualize, clarify, and reflect, to digital information and public domain literature.

The Students Strategy Tutor tool is accompanied by a Teacher Strategy Tutor website with a lesson authoring tool, lesson database, and professional development resources.

Strategy Tutor Team


CAST gratefully acknowledges Carnegie Corporation of New York for their generous support of the Strategy Tutor Project. We also thank our project officer, Andres Henriquez, for his vision and dedication to improving adolescent literacy outcomes for all students and preparing them for their digital literacy futures. Finally, we thank Annemarie S. Palincsar of the University of Michigan for her guidance and interest in our application of reciprocal teaching (Palincsar and Brown, 1984) to digital literacy environments.

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